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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 17, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, immigration flash point, what it's like inside the country's largest processing center, where children are being separated from their parents, as the politics and protests heat up along the border and beyond. more than 20 injured in a shooting in the middle of the night. chaotic scenes as a gunman opens fire at an arts festival. are charter schools becoming the new way to separate stussnts by c and race? a troubling, new look. also, the surprise release of a provocative joint album by music's power coupt'. tonight is rocking the music world. stunning upset at the world cup,nd celebrations that may have literally caused a seismic event. and the present of a life time. >> i was, i wasn't afrai to
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die. >> for a dad who didn't expect to see this father's day. >> this is "nbc nightly news" with kate snow.oo >>evening, there were protests today at facilities e federal government is enforcing its policy of separating immigrant children from parents, and while the administration is defending the practice, the first lady's office today said she hates to see children separated from their families and hopes both sides of the aisle can come together for immration reform. we'll get to the politics in a moment, but we begin with ait re check on the ground. jacob soberoff is at the largest immigration processine center in u.s., not a new facility but jacob, who isappening there certainly changed in recent week. >> you're right, this facility has been open under multiple administrations. it has bece the epicenter of the trump administration's migrant family veseparations,
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1,100 children were taken away from their parents in this se sector alone. we were not allowed to get our cameras inside but tonight we got in there. se facility serves an intake for the busiest to of the southern border. it's the biggest of i kind in the country, agents patrolling 316 river miles of theing line between the u.s. and mexico, bring most people they pick up back her for processing. 24 hours a day. there are 77,000 square feet of space under the roof, air t conditione a cool 72 degrees. inside, people are sorted based on their age, gender, and famy status. four pods as they call them. one for girls, 17 and under, anher for boy 17 and under, and then there are the families. moms with kids, and fathers with kids, make up the final two groups. >> you'll be takc out to the - >> reporter: when we walked in the door more than 1,100 people were inside, 525 family members and nearly it200 kidsut adults. >> jacob, tell us more about the saw.itions inside, what you
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are people kept in individual rooms? are they grouped together? k >> reportee, they're essentially kept in cages. ma're getting the firsts from handout photos from the u.s. border patrol and customsd border protection. 1,1129 people will sleep inside this facility tonight with mylar blankets, the silver ones you see like after people run the s, marathn mattresses on the floor and divided into different pods essentially in what look like animal cages or kennels, and again, tonight more of those people than ever before, young e children, willaken from their parents and sent off to different facilities around the country as a direc result of this trump administration policy. >> and jacobor the kids who are in there alone any special treatment for them? do they have people helping them? >> reporter: the amazing thing to think about, kate, there are four, only four licensed social workers that are contractors that are inside this facility forhose 1,129 people so with the increasing number of children parated, the manpower
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simply is not enough and that's patrol saide border to us tonight, even though they support this policy. >> jacob soboroff, thank you. the debate over this immigration policy is reaching far beyon border with mexico. politicians on both sides of the aisle now speakingout, ands we mentioned today, the first lady weighed in as well. white house correspondent kelly o'donnell has that part of the story. >> reporter:outrage outside a detention center in new jersey today. ♪ protesters railed against the istrump admintration action that separates children from parents accused of violati immigration laws. >> making the noise, it was us as the people! >> reporter: inside, democratic members of congress crammed into the lobby for what they called an unannounced inspection, but cameras could not follow. >> believe me, tearing children frrm the of their mother and their father is not the right cision. it has got to stop.
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h it's father's day, damn it, and youe a right to talk to your children and you don't even know where you children are. >> reporter: tgh p of children prompted a rare move by eighed in lady, who with a statement from her office. "mrs. trump hates to see children separated fromheir families and hopes both sides of the aisle can finally come together to achieve successful immigration reform." me lannia trump carefully presented a softer tone saying q we must be a country that governs with heart." echoed by top adviser kellyanne conway. >> as a mother, as a catholic, as somebody has a conscience, nody likes this policy. you saw the presidentn camera he wants this to end. >> reporter: but nouggestion the president would reevaluate the legal interpretation that splits families, in fact, former trump strategist and immigration harder lteve bannon called
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this a line in the sand. >> a president is enforcing a zero tolerance policy. we have to getity on the southern border, he has not been given his wall and i believe he's going to enforce thi policy. >> reporter: tomorrow two republican senators with responsibility for nhootiating much congress could spend on the president's border wall will meet with him here at the white house. owere are divisions among republicans abouto understand hassle the crisis involving children. two moderate senators are demanding answers from the administration about the treatment of l familiesfully seeking political asylum. therefore, they're not violating im agration laws, in some cases, they've been separated, too. kate? >> kelly o'donnell at the white house, thank you. now to a chaotic andfr htening scene earl will i this morning at an arts festival in new jersey. gun fight send revelers scrambling for cover, one person is dead, more than 20 others are injured. our blake mccoy is there. >> reporter: a gun fight in trenton, new jersey, overnight. >> she got hit!
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she got hit. >> reporter: sending bullet flying and people running. >> it was like pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow. there was two or three people that went down right in front of me. >> anybody hit? anybody hit over here? >> reporter: chaos in the moments after as the panicked crowd, some injured, poured into the street. the violence shattering 24-hour art all-night festival, meant to bring the community together. this photo taken hours before. 17 people were shot, including irvin gginbatha, h four times in the leg. >> the kids out here, doing some stuff, it's no good. put the guns up, go about your life, get an education. >> reporter: police have recovered mtiple gunsnd believe it was a gang-related dispute, one suspected shooter is dead, two others hospitalized. this is a community that knows violence all too well. >> to me, it's like a normal thing. it's like, is it ever going to i don't kn .d? >> reporter: the violence you say has become normal here?
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>> yeah. >> reporter: that's sad. >> shouldn't have to be that way. >> reporter: trenton's mayor pleading for peace, not just here, but across the country. >> all shootings, whether large or small, are a crisis. this isn't just a random act of violence. this is a public health issue. >> reporter: i spoke with the event organizers tonight, who say they are deeply saddened but not deterred, vowing to continue this artl festi next year saying they are motivated now more than ever. kate? >> bke mccoy, thank you. >> it is dangerously hot in many parts of the country tonight. more than 45 million peopl h undet advisories, or excessive heat warnings. our ron mott is t along shores of lake michigan, out in chicago, where the mercu climbed toward 100 degrees today. ron, how dangerously hot is it? >> reporter: hi there, kate, it's sweltering in a we were flirting with setting an all-time record for the statef chicago, what would have been the hot's father's day on the books didn't quite get there. the high temperature today95
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degrees, but when you factor in the humidity, it feels more like 101 to 102 degreeso that is very, very dangerous. officials are saying that chicago and surrounding gtates areng to continue to remain under this excessive heat warning, all the way throughrr to night, until 7:00 before we expect a cold front to come in, sohi by time tuesday night, we're expected to see temperatures 20 to maybeven 30 degree cooler, that's nice. when it gets this hot for this many days in a row officials tell people stay inside, get into that ac. lot of people didn't want to ruin their sundareso they're n the beach jumping into lake michigan, which is a cool 66 degrees, and for you folks in the northeast, brace up, this hot air is headed your way. kate? >> we kno that, ron. thanks so much, good day to get in the water. the extreme heat as he says is going to continue tomorrow. the work week begins with it. the south, midwest and east heast are all going to see temperatures coming in from chicago, temperatures in the 90s but the heat index, w really feels like will be in the
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triple digits. overseas today, an migration drama unfolding in europe, three ships carrying more than 600 migrants mostly from africa were allowed to dock in spaith landing ends a week-long journey from libya in which the migrants were rejected by both malta.and nbc's matt bradley has more. >> reporter: they were the rescue ships it seemed no one wanted, but this morning, the trio carrying hundreds ofos mtly african refugees was finally welcomed at the spanish port of valencia, amid celebrations and smiles. ♪ >> i'm happy to be saved. >> reporter: survival wasn't always so certain. these migrants, pregnant women and children among them, had to be rescued from overcrowded rafts off libya's coast, then suffered rough seas andrm s diplomacy. both malta and italy's new populist government refused to accept them, a decision critics calleds. hear the pope also expressing concern for their care.
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the tense situation reigniting europe's simmering immigration debate and a correondent nbc partner euro news was the only broadcter aboard one of t ships "aquarius." >> after narrowly surviving the crossing and losing families at sea these families are about to bark and start a new life in europe, one they have risked everything to achieve. >> reporter: safe on land t migrants will receive food and medical checkups but their journey is far from over. immigration gthy and resettlement procedures to live in a europe luat's still ant to accept them. matt bradley, nbc news. we have an eye opening report tonight about this country's charter schools.e there re than 7,000 of them nationwide. they've often meant to give opportunities to traditionally disadvantaged kids, but a new investigation finds hundreds of public charter schools are disproportionately w compared with other schools in the same districts. our educationde correspon
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rehema ellis has the details. >> reporter: rentals like oconi manmade lake, lush golf courses and multimillion-dollar homes marketed to home buyers as a better kind of life. >> school was the key point that allowed us to move down here. >> reporter: with a better kind of school. >> we are lake oconee academy! >> reporte lake oconee academy has an "a" rating from the state, a music lab with 25 pi na nanos, aublic charter school started by the propertyr develon part with private money but today funded by taxpayers and free to attend. i don't know who would not want their children there, if they're going to have these opportunities. >> reporter: sdra lawson whofz children were in a law performing sool was opening they'd win a spot in the charter lottery andel sheves she never stood a chance. are you suggesting there might
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have been some delibate effort to prevent your children from attending that school? >> or children like my children african-american children. >> reporter: lake oconee academy told nbc the school is public, free, andn to all students in the county, but the facts show 73% of the student body i white, while, for example, just 14% of students are white at the district's traditional public high school. >> so this is a public school, using public funding, but by its very design, would not serve most of this community. >> reporte this is the original design. when the academy was founded, 80% of the seats were allocated for this section of the county, mainly the gated communities withts wealthy resid by the lake. >> georgia's one of these states where a chart school can essentially take a map and draw where they want to serve. ee years ago,t the zoning was eliminated, but to kids is still given with siblings at the school, and children of faculty, also
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predominany white, leaving few openings. however, minority students have increased each year, and the charter school says "we have taken meaningful steps to focus our outrea enrollment efforts on families that are traditionally considered educatiod.lly disadvanta we are also committed to increasing the diversity of our faculty, staff, and boa members." but the expectation for families stuck in underachieving schools is that helping diverse hodisadvantaged studentsd not be an afterthought. it's the primary reason why man charter schools are created in the first place. and yet a joint investigation by theducation news organization, the heckinger report and the investigative fun finds more than 700 charter schools nationwide have a student body that is whiter than any of the traditional public schools in the same district. >> black parents here will say that it does not l feele an accident. >> reporter: the reasons vary. sometimes it can be about
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getting to and from school. for example, lake oconee academy is the only public school in the district that does not provide bussing, and in a rural county, there is no public transportation to the school. >> this schoo and these types of schools are not the norm. the charter school movement not known as a movement that's serving ompredantly white students. >> reporter: we wanted to talk to the real estate executive who petitioned to create the greene charter school. is mr. neil not in today? >> no, ma'am, he's not here. >> reporter: lrayburn n did not return our calls. sandra lawson has given up try igto get her children into the academy. >> hopefully for the next family comes on they are truly given at opity. >> reporter: rather than see the spirit of crthaer schools violated she says by giving advantages toids who already have a wealth of them. rehema ellis, nbcnews, greensboro, georgia. let's switch gears and jump to mosw today.
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huge upset at the world cup as mexico defeated the defending champions germany. the score was 1-0. mexico pulling it off with a single goal in the first half, and great defense in thesecond. and there were shock waves literally in mexico city at nearly the same timehe one mexico goal was scored, sensors detected a mini earthquake. the mexican geologi l service says possibly set off by so many fans jumping in the air all at one time in mexico city. still ahead tonight, nasa ecognizes the america astronaut who spent the most time up in space. also, pop culture's power couple releasing a surprise joint album. ♪ jumping off the stage ♪ jumping off the stage >> the secret they someh us. ♪ jumping off the stage >> the secret they someh it's what this country is made of. but right now, our bond is fraying.
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jay partly own. >> they just dropped an album and i'm freeb freaking out. >> reporter: called "everything is love" a feat nothing short of artistic, and unbelievable, two of the world's biggest superstars managing to film at one of the world's most iconic landmarks, without a single leak. the mega stars and their dancers upstaging pri art with modern moves, highlighting black figures in a gallery with primarily white subjects and artists. sharp lyrics abound, jay-z ftaking aim at everythinm the grammys to the nfl. ♪ i said no to the super bowl, you need know, i don't need you ♪ s >> reportee were bracing for a split after jay-z's reported infidelity. the wrap mogul opening up to save their marriage. >> we did the hard work of going ach herapy and we love other. >> reporter: but music's ultimate power couple now appearg stronger than ever.
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the scene from orbit last year, ast out in peggy whitson on one of her ten space walks, not only is whitso theworld's most experienced space walker but she also has spent more time in space than any other american. 665 days during three missions on the space station, those were just some of the milestones cited as whitson retired on friday, 32 yearsfter joining nasa. she called it the greatest honor to live out her lifelongdream. now a critical question. chocolate or cheese? if you could pk only one, which would you choose? scientists from yale did that research, and perhaps it's not surprising most of us prefer sweet chocolate sayory cheese.
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for my dbut now, i take used tometamucil every it traps and removes the waste that weighs me down, so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like. it's just a burst pipe, i could fix (laugh) no. with cim rateguard yourp just beacuase of a claim. i totally cod've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it. finally on this father's day a story of love and sacrifice. here is morgan radford. >> reporter: eve year frank e head of a narcotics task
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force and former dea agent. >> just some awards i got from dea. >> reporter: whopent most of his life putting away the bad guys. >> every day we were kicking doors in, we we arresting people. you name it, we were doing it. >> reporter: but last yearas different. frank was suffering from a chronic end stage liver disease. his daughter, erica, ppared for the worst. >> i went home and i said to my husband, i said, this is it. like, this is his last father's day. >> reporter: did you feel that way, fran >> i did. i did. i wasn't afraid to die. i was afraid for my famf leaving my family. i had every one of them had a letter. >> reporter: you wrote a letter? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: as if you were going to die? >> yeah. >>eeporter: but before gave up -- >> i locked them in the safe. >> reporter: frank m the biggest ask of his life. >> it's very hard toven say, hey, would you donate part of your liver to me. >> reporter: how did you? do >> i knew i was a blood match, so. >> she told me she was going to do it.
6:59 pm
>>?eporter: were you scar >> i wasn't concerned about myself. i was concerned about my dad. >> reporter: so last october, riica, a nurse herself, made the biggest sce of her life. >> we took the right part of her liver, which is rghly about 60% of the total liver volume. >> reporter: right before you both go under, what were you saying to her? >> telling her how much i loved her. >> reporter: eight months later erica bears a sign of that love. >> he broug me into this world and i gave him him part of my liver, the least i can do. reporter: frank is a whole lot healthier and their family gets another father's day they never thought they' together. >> happy father's day. >> reporter: morgan radford, nbc news, pennsylvania. >> that's precious. that is "nightly news"htn a sunday n tonight on "date line" harry smith has a father's day journey you will not want to miss. lester holt will be with you tomorrow. i'm kate snow. from all of us here at nbc newsn have a greatht. happy father's day.
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>> he calls me. and i can hear him telling them that he found me. >> i can hear her crying. and then i start crying. >> and it was just like, "ohmy gosh. likehe's just been waiting f us all these years." >> reporter: she grew up in a in spra loving family. but couldn't help wondering >> what am i, really? i was wanting to know whermy people came from. >> reporter: so like millions of us do every year, she took a dna test. results, jaw-dropping. >> i'm like goosebumps. i'm getting them right now. i'm like, "oh, my gosh." >> reporter: a revelation with implications for the entire family -- >> my dad's like, "what are you saying?"


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